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Otter Hook Farm is a small family farm located Greenville, New York. Our passion for clean, nutritious and delicious food is what led us into farming, and it is our mission to deliver the best food we can grow to our members. We are continually working to improve our soils in order to grow the most nutritious and best tasting food available.

We began this farming adventure as passionate “foodies” searching out great tasting local foods to prepare and share with family and friends. An education about Genetically Modified foods and the lack of safety in the traditional food system turned that passion sharply to the organic side. A love of working the land, being outside, in direct contact with weather, soil and animal has completed the circle of why we love to do what we do. We are truly lucky and blessed to have found our calling.

We raise vegetables for CSA, pigs, chickens for eggs and meat, and a small beef herd, along with our family dairy cows.  Fruits and small grains are also items we plan to add to our farm over the next several years, in an effort to supply ourselves and our community with a diverse diet entirely homecow.jpgfrom our land.  We farm organically, and are putting into practice methods that will make our food more nutrient rich.  For more information about how we raise our products, please see the specific pages about our vegetables, poultry and livestock.

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Although Samantha never farmed before we began this adventure, Chris has always farmed on some level; helping a neighboring farm throughout high school, then managing that farm while he was in college. Chris later worked as a soil scientist and we both had a lot of “home schooling” on eco-agriculture, voraciously reading every book and magazine we could find. When the opportunity presented itself to lease the property we now farm, we jumped at the chance, and have been working at improving the soils and growing the best food we can since 2007. We have three young children who started arriving during that first summer of farming, and they’re right out there with us growing the vegetables, nurturing the land and animals, and of course - Eating!

Otter Hook Farms:

Christopher & Samantha Kemnah
223 McCafferty Rd.
Greenville, NY 12083
P: (518) 239-6049